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               Pioneer 4
Kollman Composites is working with Jim Marske to continue production and research of flying wing aircraft. We offer the Pioneer 4, Pioneer 3 Monarch G and Raptor in kit form or as complete aircraft. We also offer support for Pioneer 2 and previous Monarch designs.
The sum of Jim's knowledge and experience was applied to a redesign of Pioneer 3 wing with priority of maximizing performance for a 15 meter span. The result is a wing with a 2 step taper ratio and new airfoil to maximize laminar flow and performance.  Jim put a lot of research into perfecting the airfoil.
 The result is the Pioneer 4. The prototype Pioneer 4 has completed initial test flying including 3.5 hour soaring flight and is performing as expected.

The first production Pioneer 4 is midway through completion.
 The Pioneer 4 is the first  of our aircraft to use resin infusion on all parts.
The infusion process makes for lighter stronger more consistent composite parts. Future aircraft and parts for all kits  will use resin infusion.

Kollman Composites specializes in flying wing aircraft.  We have extensive knowledge and experience in composite aircraft construction and specialize in composite wing spars employing graphite rods.  In addition to our line of aircraft and wings, we offer custom spars and wings built to your specifications.  Our full line of composite parts and aircraft is hand crafted. All products are built in the United States by skilled craftsmen – many of whom are also pilots.


Contact us:    Matt Kollman
                    16129 London Road
                    Orient, Ohio  43146
EMAIL:          kollman123@gmail.com
PH:             614-302-5878

Located adjacent to Wes Mar
Towing is available most weekends. 

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