Kollman Composites
                   Pioneer 3

  The Pioneer 3 is flying and performing well. The first kit supplied by Kollman

composites was completed and flown by mike Hostage. Mike reports good climb rate in thermals due to low stall speed. Also a glider ratio better than that predicted based on glide comparisons. 
    Pioneer 3 kits are manufactured using resin infusion for strong lightweight  parts. 
 The kit comes with all major parts completed. All metal hardware is painted ready for installation. Everything needed to build air frame is supplied. Covering supplies and paint are not included.

                       The left and right D-tube with lower fuselage.

   The D-tubes carry all the flight  loads and provide torsional strength. The D-tubes connect to fuselage with pins supplied.  All the alignment of wings to fuselage is done. This eliminates the need for jugs or complicated measurements.  


    The Pioneer comes equipped
 with carbon and Kevlar reinforced cockpit for added crash protection. The fuselage is supplied in 2 pieces an upper and lower. After all the hardware and push rods are installed the top and bottom are bonded together.

  All metal hardware is supplied and ready for installation. Holes for hardware are drilled.
 The canopy rail is supplied along with canopy bubble

  Most of the labor to assemble Pioneer 3 kit is making ribs. The wing ribs and ribs for the aileron and elevator are make from gluing wood cap strips to corrugated fiberglass shapes.


  A fiberglass sheet is supplied to cut shapes from using aviation snips. Wood cap strips are supplied.
  Rudder bands  hold ribs together until glue cures.
   These ribs are trimmed and glued to D-tubes and close out spars provided to construct wing.


  Spoiler boxes and fences and caps are supplied.

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