Kollman Composites
Raptor 2r wheel landing
The first collapsible Raptor. Featured folding D-tubes with crossbar and kingpost.

The first Raptor to fly.  Strut braced with slider controls.

James Raptor on the truck test rig.

Mark launching his Raptor at Mt Nebo

The topless collapsible Raptor 1. Notice slider controls and HP trike wing.
Soaring florida with John Alden. I'm flying the first R2 in the background

The Raptor 2r cantilever wing with 175 sq ft it's an excellent wing for light days.

This shows the evolution of the Raptor platform. These are 1/4 scale models of the first Raptor 1 to the latest Raptor 2 trike wing. It's basically reduction in sweep and twist. Increase aspect ratio and span. The reflex in the airfoil is also reduced.
Raptor 2 trike wing. Designed to be used with light trike or flown as hang glider. It's got about 30 hours on it as a hang glider but hasn't been tested on trike yet. Built for 350 lb hook in.

Finding the CG
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