Kollman Composites
 The Raptor has been flying for over 16 years with close to 1000 hours airtime.  8 different versions of the Raptor have completed and flown. D-tubes have been made of fiberglass, kevlar, carbon fiber using various core materials. Graphlite Rods are used in wing spars to gaurantee strong consistant wings.
   Raptor 2
   wingspan     42'
   area       155 sq ft,165 sq ft, 175 sq ft
   Hook in weight 130 lb to 350 lb
   Best L/D 20:1 @ 35 mph
   minumun sink 130 ft/min
   empty weight 87 lb light version to 125 lb trike wing
   weight shift control system using tip rudders for fast roll rate
   Available in collapsible version covered with sail with folding ribs or 
   hardwing version covered with mylar 
   Available in kit or ready to fly version
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